Trainings & Workshops

Intro to Nonviolent Direct Action (3.5hr and 6hr options)
This is an introduction to the history of Nonviolent Direct Action and its implementation. It also includes examples of intersectionality within our community/movements, affinity groups and their formation, consensus decision making, campaign strategy, and a discussion on self and community care.

Social Media in Action (3hrs)
In this training, we discuss some best practices for covering and producing social media content for protests and actions, starting with media preparation before an action, media roles during an action, and producing materials after an action to make sure your message is amplified as much as possible. Tutorials include: meme making, using Twitter and Facebook for action coverage, and tips for working with traditional media.

Security Culture (3hrs)
We will work with organizations, affinity groups, or individuals using exercises that assist in the development of protocols, agreements and customs to keep ourselves and our organizer friends safe while planning and carrying out actions. An overview of technology and web safety is also included.

Jail/Legal Support (3.5hrs)
Jail Support is one of the most important roles in an action. Those playing this role in an action are responsible for assisting their friends through the arrest and arraignment process, coordinating with legal representatives, and providing continued support for their friends, their families and communities. We will discuss ways to provide this care before, during, and after actions.

Liaison Training (3hrs)
Police liaisons act as a “go between” for the people participating in the action and the police to ensure clear communication of demands, expectations, needs, responses, etc. During the training we will talk more about the police liaison role, do an overview of best practices and then do role plays. 

Basic First Aid for Marches and Rallies
A training to prepare participants to provide basic first aid, support, and community care to folx at marches and rallies. We will discuss affinity groups, scene safety/management, first aid for common incidents, police tactics (tear gas/pepper spray), self care/community health, and emotional/psychological care.
***This training is NOT for folx who wish to provide care and support as identified Street Medics***

Kinginan Nonviolence* (16hrs)

The Kingian Nonviolence workshops are transformational experiences that have helped thousands of people from around the world understand the philosophy of nonviolence and learn to begin to bring the practices into their lives and their work.

Through role plays, small group activities, readings, video presentations, mini-lectures and discussions, we explore topics such as:

  • The definitions of violence and nonviolence (we do not make definitive definitions for groups, organizations, or communities). 
  • An analysis of the different types and levels of conflict, and how they escalate and de-escalate
  • The history of the Civil Rights Movement and some of Dr. King’s philosophies
  • The principles (the will) of Kingian Nonviolence, how to view and transform conflict    
  • The steps (the skill) of Kingian Nonviolence, how to engage with conflict and organize a campaign            

Training Adaptions

We have also offered adaptions of these traditional trainings to fit the needs of communities and organizations. Below are a few examples. Please let us know if you are interested in a consultation. We apologize, but our Kingian Nonviolence Training cannot be adapted at this time.

Art in Activism Workshop (Urbano. Boston, MA)

NVDA 101 & Affinity Group Building (Cove Point, MD)

Intro to Street Medics and Medic Affinity Groups (PRYSM: Providence Student Youth Movement, Providence, RI)

Resistance to Fracked Gas Infrastructure Workshop (RI Youth Summit on the Environment. Providence, RI)

Intro to NVDA Blockades and Affinity Group Building (Worcester, MA)

Intro to Tactical Climbing for NVDA (Washington, DC)

Creative Resistance NVDA Tactics for Artists (RISD Students, Providence, RI & Boston, MA)

2-Day Blockades Training (Sterling College Students, Vermont)

Intro to Youth Focused NVDA (Environmental Justice League of RI's Community Environmental College. Providence, RI)

Training and Workshop Fees

All of our fees are sliding scale and we are willing to work with you/your organization on a collaborative budget. We will send you our pricing sheet when we receive your inquiry.

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