Testimonials from the Women’s Unit at the
Bristol County House of Corrections

June 11th, 2019

Bristol County House of Corrections

To Whom it may concern;

My name is XXXXXX, or as I am known to Bristol County's Department of Women Corrections; "Inmate # XXXXXX." I am one of 150 women who reside at Dartmouth's 400 Fauce Corner Rd. Many of us here have made bad decisions but that doesn't make us bad people. Despite our mistakes, we should not be subjected to some of the problems and conditions we face in this jail. Just because we are caged does not mean we are animals, and should be treated as such. I would like to share some of these current issues we face here at BCSO;

-I was in the hospital septic prior to being incarcerated, on blood thinners, steroids and other medications. It took 31 days for them to get my medical records.

-Inmates with psychiatric issues are not kept on their current medications they were on prior to incarceration.

-Inmates who are a danger to themselves are put in (???), naked in solitary confinement.

-There is a 14 day wait to see medical for any type of care.

-If you have a substance abuse issue, you will not be given detox medication unless you are a sever alcoholic.

-Pregnant women coming off drugs, alcohol, methadone or suboxone, will ONLY be put on subutex.

-The food is extremely unhealthy and designed to make you gain weight.

-Our meals consist of rice or potatoes, a canned vegetable, a mystery meat and cornbread "cake" or canned fruit/apple sauce. NO FRESH FRUIT OR VEGGIES.

-There are no healthy alternatives to choose from even on commissary.

-A lot of commissary items are full of sodium, preservatives and saturated fats.

-We do not have hot plates, microwaves or toasters.

-Currently our hot water machine has been broken for over 4 weeks. They have had to bring boiled water from the men's kitchen which is being kept in moldy gatorade coolers.

-To make food on our unit we have to cook in plastic trash bags and heat things up in our trash barrels filled with hot water. NO JOKE!

-Commissary prices are outrageous! (ex. Romen- $1.00)

-Phone Calls are $3.00 connection fee plus 15 cents a minute for 30 minute calls.

-There are a lot of disciplinary inconsistencies.

-There is a lot of Correctional Officers to inmate favoritism.

-You do not receive any type of pay for any of the institutional jobs, you only receive "good time."

-If you are an indigent inmate and cannot purchase hygiene products you may ONLY receive more soap, deodorant, razor, toothbrush and toothpaste i f you have had $1.64 or less in your account for 60 days or more.

-You are ONLY given 2 uniforms, 2 pairs of socks, 2 sports bras, 2 pairs of underwear, 2 towels and a coat in the winter.

-You are given 2 sheets

-You are given a thin blanket to use year round and cannot buy one on commissary.

-The outside recreational area is infested with ticks.

-Inside we have an ant infestation. Also there are ticks and spiders inside.

-We have mold.

-To clean the (bathroom, cells,etc.) we are only allowed sanitizer solution, No Chemicals! (for fear we will get high)

These are some of the many issues that we face on a daily basis here at the Bristol County's Sheriffs Office. I hope this insight may help change some of the problems we are facing.



To Whom it may Concern,

I am a 33 yr old incarcerated female at the D.H.O.C. I am here because I violated my probation and yes admittedly I did. The crime I was originally charged with was receiving a stolen motor vehicle which I did plea out to, not because I was guilty but because I was held in jail for 2 weeks and would've had to come back had I not. I was treated as if I was guilty before the gavel ever fell, so I pleaded out to a 1 yr probation with conditions, which as I said I did violate. What I admit to being is an addict and that is why I walked through these doors more then once, the majority of females here are here for that reason.

Having been under arrest and having to come here detained I asked for Vivitral, a drug that blocks your opiate receptors, not allowing you to feel the effects of the drug, I was refused this treatment and sent back out into the streets under the same conditions; mind you 32 years old was when I had my first arrest and faced my first charge. I'm not a life long criminal, I'm a women who came under some ugly circumstances and turned to drugs which lead to crime. That being said I believe that if a court will allow you to plead guilty to a charge and take probation with a list of their conditions if you violate and land back in prison but ASK FOR HELP you should receive it instead of being held on dead time and sent straight back to the same circumstances. Where eventually you have to serve time, often for a crime that wasn't even committed.

The State knows if you cage "an animal" . it will eventually comply or break. Either way they "win"

Long story short I'm sitting here sentenced for 6 months because I used drugs that I asked for treatment for and was refused. I am only one voice for 150 incarcerated women and 800 plus men.

We are not people here we are sheep just less vaccinated being stalked by wolves.